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Healing The Soul

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Vol 1. The Lives of Samuel Hahnemann and William Lilley
ISBN: 9781908127051 - Jan 2014 - 574 pages hardback

Vol 2. The Archetype and the Psyche
ISBN: 97819081127099 - Aug 2018 - 498 pages hardback

Vol 3. TBC
ISBN: 9781908127105 - in preparation
by David Lilley MBChB, FFHom, LLCO
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About volume 1

Through the histories of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, and William Lilley a renowned medium, psychic healer and homeopath, this book brings together two vital threads essential to the art of healing: the science of the soul and the science of homeopathy. It is a book written not only for the professional, but also for the greater public seeking an answer to disease.

No system of medicine can be regarded as healing if it fails to recognise the primacy of the soul in disease causation, andfails to treat the soul. The soul, mind and body constitute the three indivisible aspects of the unit of life. Disease of one must indicate disease of all. In this hierarchy, the soul is supreme and causative; physical and mental diseases are merely bearing witness to dis-ease experienced at soul level. Born of the soul’s lack of basic trust, the subversive force that challenges the sovereignty and ease of the soul (the true-self) is the ego-self (the false-self). Disease takes origin at the interface between these two conflicting forces. To heal any mental or physical disease it is essential to heal the soul of its ego-based disease.

About volume 2

Healing is inseparable from the spiritual path the soul traverses on its hero’s journey towards individuation or Self-realisation. The journey is fraught with difficulties, challenges and obstacles. The cunning opponent that confronts the soul along the way and hinders its progress is the ego-self, a pseudo-being created from lack of basic trust in life and in self. Fashioned from frailty, the ego-self, insinuating into consciousness, assumes the soul’s identity and usurps the throne of the psyche. Born of delusion, the ego-self warps the soul’s view of reality. The ego-self is implicit in all wrong thinking, wrong feeling and wrong acting; it is the disease from which the soul suffers. Disease of the soul becomes disease of the mind and body: the vehicles of the soul.

The psyche is the field of disease contention; both traveller and guide need to be familiar with this mysterious terrain and the forces arrayed there. The soul’s adversary, the ego-self, is an archetype drawn by affinity from the timeless archives of human behaviour: a unique energy field that mantles and perturbs the life of the soul, distancing the sacred feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) principles within the psyche, creating the disease dynamic that disarms the soul and enthrones the imposter ego-self.

Homeopathy is archetypal medicine, able to summon, from the forces of Nature, the archetype vested through similarity with the very attributes necessary to overcome the errant ego-self. Acting at the level of the psyche, homeopathy frees the soul of the legacy of the past, reunites Yin and Yang and restores the soul’s sovereignty.

In Healing the Soul volume two, David escorts his reader into the mystical and mythical world of the psyche and the deep unconscious: the realm of the archetype and the hero soul! Here, he also invokes and profiles the shades of certain historic archetypes: Isaac Newton, Mary Cotton and Harold Shipman.

About the author

Dr David Lilley was born in Leeds in 1940, the son of a homeopath and his family emigrated to South Africa in 1949. He studied medicine at the University of Pretoria and after qualifying spent 3 years at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and the London College of Osteopathy. He studied under Drs Blackie, Twentyman, Raeside, Kennedy and Foubister.

After obtaining his MFHom David returned to South Africa and joined his father in a practice in 1966. He has been in an exclusively homeopathic and osteopathic practice for the past 41 years. In 1994 he started the first homeopathic course for medical doctors in South Africa. This course has now evolved into the SA Faculty of Homeopathy, of which he is the Director of Education.

In recent years he has been in demand as a visiting lecturer in the UK and further afield. In his lectures he weaves together homeopathic art and science, analytical psychology, mythology, chakra and colour theory, natural science and spiritual philosophy to provide a rich tapestry of perennial wisdom and knowledge.

He has been described as an "inspiring teacher with an incredible in-depth knowledge of the remedies who also shares many practical tips on the management of acute illnesses".

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