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Forthcoming 2019

Provings Volume 1
by Sonya McLeod BA, DCH
Forthcoming 2019 ISBN: 9781908127167


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About the book

Each and every homeopathic remedy contains within itself the ability to heal unique, characteristic signs and symptoms. These characteristic healing symptoms that are contained within each remedy are an unchanging eternal truth that remain constant through space and time. Homeopathic provings are an effective way to experience and interpret the signs and symptoms (i.e. the eternal healing effect) of remedies. Yet it is somewhat puzzling that provers are able to accurately access the remedy state during unconventional provings where no remedy is ingested, such as dream provings, meditative provings and trituration provings.

Since discovering trituration provings in 2010, the author has found them to be a deep and extremely accurate way of exploring a remedy’s healing ability. During the process of making the remedy by hand, while triturating the substance with milk sugar, a doorway is opened to what Jungian psychologists call the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is like a world database of information that each and every living thing on the planet is connected to. Contained within the database of the collective unconscious is the eternal, unchanging truth of the healing ability of each and every homeopathic remedy.

Provings are the author’s higher calling, the vehicle through which her soul journeys towards wholeness. So far, the author has conducted provings of 14 different remedies over an 8 year period. Complete remedy summaries are included including physical, mental and thematic summaries. Many of the provings are locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest: Raccoon, Wild Horse, Northwestern Crow, Ghost Tree, Japanese Cherry Tree, Woad, Little Mountain Basalt, Aqua Musqueam, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Prunella Vulgaris. Unusual remedies covered: Panda, as well as the gemstones Angelite, Herkimer Diamond and Black Kyanite.

About the author

Sonya was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts, English major degree. After giving birth to her second child, Sonya had allergies and fatigue so severe that she was no longer able to care for her young children properly. The mainstream medical system offered her no real solutions, so as a last resort, Sonya tried homeopathy, and was finally able to fully recover from her illness and live a normal life again. After experiencing the effectiveness of homeopathy first-hand, she then decided to pursue it as a career. Sonya earned a practitioner diploma in classical homeopathy in 2009 after 4 years of study at the Vancouver of Homeopathic Academy. Currently, Sonya practices classical homeopathy in her busy award-winning private clinic, Little Mountain Homeopathy.

Sonya is currently a board member of the BC Society of Homeopaths. She was a past registered member of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths, Nupath (National United Professional Association for Homeopaths in Canada), the Canadian Consumer’s Centre for Homeopathy and the Health Action Network.

Sonya is passionate about educating the public about homeopathy, and has published numerous educational articles in various publications, including Natural News, Homeopathy Today, and the Georgia Straight.   She was a guest on JoyTV’s “P3: People, Places, Perspectives.” The latest research and case studies about how homeopathy can help many acute and chronic illnesses can be found on the many pages and posts on her website. For 2 years running, her clinic Little Mountain homeopathy was the winner of the Consumer Choice award. Sonya was named one of the top 7 homeopaths in Vancouver by Crowd Wellness and was ranked at the top of the homeopathy category in Vancouver by Yocale.

For the interest and use of professional homeopaths, Sonya is currently involved in leading a series of trituration provings of local substances which will lead to the publication of this, her first book.

Sonya enjoys the works of the old homeopathic masters such as Hahnemann and Kent, as well as the works of famous modern homeopaths such as Sankaran and Scholten. She has her certification in Reiki Level 1, Theta Healing Level 1, Gemmotherapy, and most recently obtained a 2 year Spiritual Guidance certification with Atum O’Kane. Other alternative modalities that she has studied include yoga, fasting, herbalism, Bach Flower remedies and Schussler Cell Salts. Sonya is interested in learning and reading about Jungian psychology, paganism and shamanism.

Sonya is currently the Vancouver chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, an advocacy group that promotes the consumption of whole foods and raw milk. Her interest in healthy holistic weight loss led to her Metabolic Balance coach certification in 2013.

Sonya currently lives in the city of Vancouver with her husband and their two lovely girls.

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