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Syphilis (2nd edition)
by Jeremy Sherr
ISBN: 9781908127082
294 page hardback

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About the book

Over ten years have passed since the first edition of this book, and Saltire are happy to present this second enhanced edition. The Dynamic Materia Medica of Syphilis is a web composed of eleven syphilitic remedies, each approached from a different perspective, each representing a lesson in materia medica study; essays and provings, essences and toxicologies, affinities, poetry, mythology, history, analysis and synthesis are all spread over an underlying bed of philosophy. The left and right pages represent the parallel approaches of science and art. The synthesis of all these strands culminates in an exciting conclusion on the nature of the syphilitc miasm and its underlying psoric roots.

While this book is an easy and enjoyable read, it is also an exercise book for the thinking homoeopath. Many clues lie buried below the surface, mimicking the hidden nature of our cases. The reader's challenge is to uncover and synthesise this information. This effort should pay dividends in all aspects of homeopathy, from case solving to a deeper perception of materia medica and philosophy. In this new edition Jeremy includes a commentary with solutions to many of the riddles. This can be read first as a guide or left to contemplate after the tantalising end!

About the author

Jeremy Sherr has practiced and taught homoeopathy for 31 years. He practices in London, New York and Tel Aviv and is principle of  ‘The Dynamis School for Advanced Homoeopathic Medicine’ one of the oldest post graduate course in the world today. Jeremy has taught homoeopathy throughout  the USA and Europe, as well as in Canada, China, India, Mexico, Japan, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  He has conducted 34 classical homoeopathic provings and is the author of ‘The Dynamics and Methodology of  Homoeopathic Provings’ ‘Dynamic Materia Medica volume I-Syphilis’ ‘Dynamic provings Volume I and II’, ‘The Repertory of Mental Qualities’ and ‘The Dynamis Case Taker’. He has published  numerous articles on homoeopathy and  has conducted several research programs.  

Since 2008, Jeremy has been living in Tanzania, Africa. Together with is wife Camilla, he has established several rural clinics and is working in the local hospital. They have treated over 1500 AIDS patients and have established food programs and a day care centre for children with AIDS.

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